I know this because if you just wanted a boyfriend, you’d still be with your ex, or you’d still be hanging out with that guy who you went on a few dates with but who didn’t excite you very much.

It’s easy to “get a boyfriend”. 
Lot’s of people do it. 
Because they would prefer to be with someone than to be with no one.

But that’s not you.
You don’t want a boyfriend.

You want a King.

You want a man who meets you. You want someone who amplifies your sovereignty and success. Who sees you, honors you, adores you, and is devoted to you. A man you admire and are impressed by. A man who is excited to co-create a beautiful life with you. You want a man in his power and connected to his purpose. You want a man who has facilitated his own growth and continues to invest in his own evolution. You want a man who is deeply committed to truth and who you are proud to trust and desire. You want passion, playfulness, compassion, depth, laughter, peace, adventure, and so on!

You want a Soul King.

If this is the love story you want, 
then you CANNOT mimic the dating and relationship behaviors you have grown up observing around you. 
You CANNOT simply cross your fingers and hope it will happen. 

The people who have the relationship described above positioned themselves to have it.
They invested in personal work. 
They invested in learning from people who had done it before.
They put themselves in the path to learn new skills, obtain new information, and develop new methods of self-inquiry to prepare space in their lives for what they knew they wanted.
They made decisions differently than the way you have been making decisions.

You must choose to learn how to “do love” differently. 
It can be easier, more authentic, more liberating, and more igniting than you realize.

When you want to buy a house you do not cross your fingers and hope it finds you because “it will find you when you stop looking for it.”

You contact a realtor, you go on Zillow, you research mortgage lenders, you go to some open houses, you ask people who have found house they loved who they worked with and what the process was like!

When you want to your business to grow and succeed you do not keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results.

You seek out mentors, you experiment with different marketing strategies, you hire help, you do courses, you learn new ways of thinking and being and you show up to your business with renewed conviction and creativity daily.


Because you’re scared. 
Because you’re afraid it won’t work for you.
Because you don’t trust your ability to look the pain of not having it in the face.
Because you don’t trust your judgment of character anymore or trust your heart to open after too many heartaches.
Because you’ve bought into the unintelligent belief that love is supposed to “just happen” and you’ve let this belief corner you into inaction or unaligned action.
Because you’ve bought into the rationale that love is a mystery and it can’t be influenced to come into your life on purpose, but every other area of your life you believe you create your reality.

I see you sister.

But it is not okay to keep neglecting it.
You don’t deserve that from yourself any longer.

If you’re reading this, you don’t have to do this anymore.
You don’t have to leave it up to chance anymore.
You can do something about it.
You can give yourself permission to treat this like a priority.
You can begin to honor the love you want for what it is, something powerful that feels like it is missing from your life.
You can choose to participate in making it happen.

So, what decision would you like to make today?


If this is you, send me a message and let me know that you’re ready for the love story you want and I will help you attract the man and relationship you really want!