I’m not afraid to get my heartbroken.

A few years ago I was meditating after having been dumped by a guy I thought was falling in love with me.

I thought I was in love with him.

Because I had convinced myself we were perfect for each other.

Feeling the deep ache that comes with heartbreak, I was checking in with my body attempting to feel what needed to be felt.

As I scanned and asked my body what I needed, different parts of me wanted different things.


Then I got to my heart.

And she said, “To love again.”

In disbelief I fired back.

“What in the?! We JUST got our heart broken!!!”

And she responded simply, “It’s what I’m built for.”

And I knew it to be true.

My heart is built to love.

It is her sole purpose and her soul’s purpose.

In that moment I realized my heart had never broken.

She had opened herself to the most exquisite expression and when things hadn’t worked out as I’d hoped, she’d gotten to witness her own strength, courage, and steadfastness.

After every “heartbreak”, no matter how devastating, I’ve been okay.

And I’ve been ready and willing to love again.

In fact, looking back, I’ve used each “loss” to become even more fierce, agile, and present in my love.

Unlike a lot of people I don’t use the lessons learned to “protect my heart from future pain”.

I’ve used them to become discerning.

To choose slowly and wisely.

And to be devoutly present to what is in this true moment.

While also paying homage to my dreams for the future.

How can I show up in service to the future I’m creating while knowing that the way I am showing up now – in the immense uncertainty of this moment – is the only way I can actually get there?

It’s a dance.

One that sluices my body and experience with feeling alive.

You are also built this way.

After every heartbreak, you’ve become okay again.

But have you used your recovery to wall yourself off more…

Or have you learned the lessons meant for you and grown into an even more devoted ambassador for your love story?

It’s never too late to choose love over fear.