“Good enough” is never actually “good enough”.

Not in relationship.

My last partnership was a good one. A really really good one.

We laughed every day. We had a wonderful intimate life. We loved adventuring. I adored his family and they adored me. We were both entrepreneurs. The list goes on.

Like I said. It was really good.

But there were things missing that kept it from being truly great.

Could we have made it work?


But we could both see that what was extraordinary for one did not feel extraordinary for the other.

And this meant letting each other go.

Even though this was the best relationship that either of us had ever had!

Because the enemy of Great isn’t Bad. It’s Good.

Neither of us could stomach “good enough”.

When you love someone, you want them to get to have their ultimate joy.

Even if that means it’s got to be without you.

Because “good enough” is one of the most common ways that people settle when it comes to partnership.

Have you ever stayed in a relationship too long because it was “good enough”?

Because you couldn’t find enough things “wrong with it” but deep down you knew that it wasn’t the right fit?

You’re not alone!

There doesn’t have to be stuff WRONG with a relationship for it to not be the right relationship for you.

The thing is, when your relationship is truly great, you don’t try to find what’s wrong with it so that you can feel okay about wanting out.

You CRAVE extraordinary! And that doesn’t make you selfish or ungrateful OR HIGH MAINTENANCE!

That makes you hungry for life. For fulfillment. For your fullest expression!

You get to have a relationship where you are not trying to CONVINCE yourself that it is better than it is.

You get to have a relationship that inspires wonder and leaves you feeling like the luckiest woman on the planet!



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