Social Distancing is the most fastidious and important precaution we can and MUST take right now in order to slow down the spread of the virus so that our healthcare system can attempt to keep up with the increasing need.

That said, we are fundamentally social creatures. We need and are nourished by connection.

As an expert in intimacy and relationships, I’ve been exploring what the personal and interpersonal ripple effect of self-imposed isolation is going to have on us in the coming weeks and months.

I think it will be profound.

AND I think that there are many things we can do to keep our hearts full and our minds calm.

Everyone is going be called upon to be…

More generous…

More courageous…

More patient…

Your relationships WILL be strained by this experience. Period.

So, take a moment to create some agreements with YOURSELF right now for how you are going to show up.

  1. What kind of friend are you committed to being?
  2. What kind of sister/father/daughter/cousin/family member are you committed to be right now?
  3. What kind of partner are you committed to being right now?
  4. What kind of care are you committed to giving yourself right now?

We will all have to source more creativity and commitment during social distancing.

So, who will you be for yourself and for the people in your life?

I am committed to being epic AF.

How about you?


If stepping up in your partnership is important to you, then here are some of my favorite questions for partners to ask one another to create deeper intimacy and connection. 

What are small things that light you up?

What are big things that light you up?

What makes you feel safe?

What makes you feel seen?

What makes you feel supported?

What makes you feel special?

What are things you love but you may worry are “high maintenance” to ask for? In other words, what are things that you wish people just knew to do for you? (Example: change the oil in your car, reach out for no reason, etc)

What are small things that make you feel disconnected?

What are big things that make you feel disconnected?

What are ways you love to nurture or express affection for others?

What would you like to be acknowledged for?


Go forth and love courageously beautiful humans!