She went from divorced, single mom who "felt like damaged goods" to a devotional relationship with a man who adores her AND her son

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“When I first started working with Theora, I was in the middle of a divorce from a 6 year toxic marriage. It was was just me and my 8 month old son. My relationship with men (romantic and platonic) had been shattered, and I had just embarked on my journey into falling back in love with myself but I was lost. I had no idea who I was outside of that marriage and it was terrifying stepping into single motherhood in that confusion. My big family dreams went up in smoke and I fell into a state of “Who the hell is going to want me now?”. Theora and her intuitive magic guided me on a deep dive into myself on a level I had never experienced.

Together we discovered my past traumas that had subconsciously lead me to a toxic marriage, I was able to consciously heal the wounds necessary to fall back in love with myself, we re-framed my mindset around relationships, mapped out my dream life / soul partner, and lead me to discover the awakened woman I would need to expand into to meet such a man. The woman I always knew I was but never stepped into. One year later, I have called in my soul king through our work together. This type of relationship is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it all started with my choice to work with her. I honestly did not know what to expect from our work together but it turned out to be the missing piece to my journey. Theora is a beautiful soul that will walk alongside you at your pace but will also lovingly challenge you to embody your inner boss queen… the queen that will call in your king. If you want epic soul aligned love, she will show you how to uniquely create it with all the passion, magic, and “fuck yes” moments you deserve.

- Lindsay's Story -

After her divorce, she was ready to call in a man who made her feel deeply seen and understood, and now she's deeply in love!

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Amy had a pattern of connecting strongly with men at first only to have it fizzle within a few short weeks or months and didn’t understand why. She got clear that what she was doing wasn’t working and sought out my support to try something new.

She immediately attracted a new promising man.

Instead of “winging it” as she had done in the past she used a new approach and new tools!

She said she experienced being romanced and pursued in a way she never had before and within 90 days they had fallen in love and committed to partnership together. A couple highlights from this year: travelled to Costa Rica together and just moved in together!

- Amy's Story -

She had been single for a while and never felt matched in her commitment to growth... until she did!

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Olivia had been out of a relationship for about three years. In that timeframe she had come home to herself, poured her energy into her business, and developed deep relationships with her friends and community. The one place there hadn’t been much movement was love, and that left her feeling unmotivated to opening the door for the possibility of a new romantic relationship.

Yet the desire to share her life with someone was undeniable. She was looking for someone who wouldn’t detract from her spiritual practice, or the wholeness of the rest of her life, but who would amplify it. She made a commitment to be with someone who completely lit her up.

Update: She is now with someone who is a powerful match and amplifier for her life and spiritual practice. And the path to getting to him was actually fun for her! She reports that her relationship is deep, connective, absolutely magical, and completely fills her cup.

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“Before meeting Theora, I had not yet let myself feel into the full expression of what I truly want around partnership – which is my soul human to share this life with, whenever that comes through! Since working with Theora I am more clear on what I truly want and I’m owning it. I’m living in energetic alignment in the way I show up in the world now that I know what I’m looking for and my entire LIFE has opened up (not just in the field of dating but in so many other areas) since introducing this radical self honesty around love into the mix of my existence!

I got so many mixed messages around love and dating and partnership in this culture which have often felt like either a fantasy-land or low-vibe and defeatist. Working with Theora I have a sparkly new perspective on the MAGIC of calling in a partner, and so many exciting re-wiring techniques that make the path of romantic love feel exciting, fun, spiritual, playful and ALIVE! Meow!!

I am experiencing a deepening clarity and openness around dating and magical playfulness and communion with Source/the Universe around calling him in! It feels fun. It feels relaxed. And I trust in the perfection of the timing of it’s unfolding and I feel so much more confident approaching and interacting with men out there in the real world.”

- Olivia's Story -

Their relationship was good. Great even. And yet there was a small voice in her that kept asking, "What if there is EVEN MORE in store for us?" And she was right!

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Chelsea and her partner were both entrepreneurs, they’d just moved in together, and life was good.

Until she was at one of my retreats and had a vision of being married to and having children with her man! Historically she’d been adamant about “not needing that”.

It was scary for her to “rock the boat” when things were going so well but her heart was yearning for more. More intimacy, more depth, more adventure, more connection, more growth, more passion.

Her willingness to dare to dreamer bigger, not only for herself but her partnership, catalyzed a new culture in her partnership that could not only handle evolution but now thrives with it.

Update: During our work together, Chelsea and her partner adopted an adorable pup and came together to buy their first home. Todd also planned an incredible surprise proposal enlisting all of their closest friends to pull it off and now the couple is getting married in less than two months! 

We are so happy and thrilled for the both of them!

- Chelsea's Story -

"I can't believe I get to love that woman." He whispered reverently.

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Finding the Second Love of His Life After Losing the First to Cancer (and why this love story is so special to me)

“A little less than a year ago I signed on to be coached by Theora. At that time I was widowed and then divorced. One thing I wanted strongly was to co-create an amazing, playful and passionate relationship going into the 3rd Act of my life. I was also wrapping up two plus years of development events with Tony Robbins that surrounded me with amazing high over-achievers and coaching through his organization (Mastery University, Leadership University and the Platinum Partnership). I was overflowing with multiple, desired outcomes and often competing directions and strategies. My big question was, “What do I do with all the stuff I have learned?” Then Theora stepped forward. Although I am more than twice Theora’s senior and had myself been a management consultant and coach for the better part of twenty five years with my own toolkit of effective achievement strategies and methods, I was drawn to her intuitive insights during our initial interview. She shared how I might better define and manifest a new level of life experience. Intrigued, I signed up. It has been both a joy and challenge working with her. A joy because she is an excellent listener who creates a safe, open, accepting environment that allows all of me to show up. Challenging because, well, with so many years under my belt I have a boat load of self-serving and self-limiting stories and beliefs too. Theora, however, is totally dedicated to to helping me live as my highest self and, thus, with positive, disarming and piercing honesty she cuts through my bullshit and provides me with the most valuable gift any person can have, the opportunity to make a choice, between a commitment to live my life as the man of my dreams or to merely settle for less. I am fortunate to joyfully report that I am co-creating a passionate, sacred, fulfilling relationship with the second love of my life. In addition, after decades of wanting to contribute to others through writing, I am on a whole new life trajectory, with Theora’s support, to light the way for others through my words and ideas.”

- Tom's Story -

From "I just don't meet anyone I'm that attracted to" to living with the love of her life!

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Emma had been single longer than she would have liked and worried that her “picker” was broken because she had stayed too long in her last relationship. She just couldn’t seem to meet men that she actually felt attracted to and dating felt like a chore. 

Everything else in her life was going great but love felt like it was the last missing piece…

She felt weird about “working on it because she thought it was “just supposed to happen”, but fortunately she decided to try something new and enrolled in one of my programs.

Within a couple months she had met Adam and now they’re deeply and stably in love, making the most of quarantine, and enthusiastically making plans for their future together.

- Emma's Story -

“When I started working with Theora I knew I was at the end of a relationship but really needed the courage and “permission” to take action. She was the perfect “light” to illuminate my path forward. She not only gave me the courage to learn to trust myself and my knowing, but she instilled in me how completely acceptable it was to want what I want and therefore I felt safe to let go of a good man in pursuit of a great man. We also really got specific on my vision of who I desire as a partner, how I wanted to show up in relationships and helped me put agreements and boundaries in place to honor myself and quiet the past wounds and inner mental chatter that were keeping me stuck. Working with Theora and the concepts she teaches not only changed my love relationships but also helped transform the volatile relationship with my mother, my daughters, and my ex husband. I made so much personal growth in a short 4 months and Theora was there every step of the way to continually remind me of my progress and be my biggest cheerleader and supporter along the way!”

- Amanda's Story -

I was always looking for that next  “edge” to elevate my business. Little did I know, the next breakthrough I needed for geometric growth wasn’t going to be found in the marketplace, but rather internally. By working with Theora I figured I’d experience feeling more fulfilled, have better lines of communication… What I didn’t expect was what happened in my businesses. My media company is on pace to hit 8 figures in revenue in our first 12 months. The manufacturing business that I am a partner in is on pace to grow 20X [this year] alone! It’s only March! As an entrepreneur, professional, and executive, magical things happened when I chose to bring the same excitement, engagement, and presence, to these previously under-tended relationships. The energy and love I gained has allowed me to operate at capacities I never thought possible. 

Theora didn’t just show me this, she created a foundation and platform for me to grow and learn from. She instilled the confidence through her profound understanding. She taught me how my personal relationships – significant other, family, myself – were equally, if not more, important than those I kept in business. These are sacred, powerful relationships that shape our quality of life in and outside of the office.”

- Eric 's Story -

“When I began working with Theora, I had a pretty consistent history of putting my energy into men who were unavailable and incapable of returning my interest. A trove of failed relationships paired with a sincere desire to figure out what was going wrong led me to invest in myself and start one-on-one work with her. In just a handful of sessions, Theora helped to re-frame my entire concept of relationship, to create a more salient vision of what I truly desire, and to re-train my approach to dating entirely. I had somehow always thought that I was naturally passive, and that I was basically at the mercy of whatever happened to fall into my lap. I also let men run all over me. Thankfully, during our time together, I had ‘real-time’ experiences that she was able to help me understand in a totally new and much more grounded light. But she also helped me to craft a potent new story for myself about what I wanted and what it would take to get it. It’s impossible to count how many ‘a-ha’ moments happened in our sessions! Or how many times I mentally kicked myself for not already knowing this stuff which, once she pointed it out, was so obvious. But that is the reason it is worth every penny to invest in our own education- most of us were never taught or modeled healthy, bold, and brave communication especially in the arena of romantic relationships. Theora cannot guarantee you your prince but I’d say, without hesitation, that she can give you the tools and attitude absolutely necessary for that pursuit. The woman knows what she’s talking about!”

- Leslie's Story -

“Theora Moench is wise beyond her years. She has coached me for the last six months on everything from coaching me to be a better husband to starting my business. She challenges me to show up, be aware of who I am, approach things with clarity and face the brutal facts. It doesn’t matter where you are as a business owner or in relationships, Theora knows how to empower you to bring your “A” game and get you to take action on building your dreams. She’s worth every penny if your willing to put in 110% effort. I recommend her to anyone who wants to take action, create accountability, and take on life with a vengeance.” – Sam

After 6 years, I feel like I am falling back in love with my husband! Our relationship was already solid but we have grown in so many unexpected and wonderful ways in such a short period of time. I just had this sneaking suspicion that there was something more for us, and I was right! My admiration and love for Sam has deepened and I’m really happy we made the decision to work with Theora.” – Leah

- Sam and Leah' Story -

“When I started my work with Theora, I have to admit, I was skeptical that I needed coaching at all. But, as Theora noticed about me a bit later, going for it was my first step in “sabotaging myself into success.” Theora’s tuned ear listened through my stories to the heart of what I was truly desiring. Then she coached me into going after it!

Through our work together, I identified where I was selling myself short, I gained clarity on my professional goals, and I gathered the courage to launch my own business. I made breakthroughs in reclaiming my physical health, and deepened my romantic relationship with my partner. She helped me tap into strength and resources and grit that I hadn’t realized were within me.

My partner and I were able to come together in new ways. There were certain topics that were hard for us to talk about but we have now found new ways to communicate and come together on things that used to be challenging. Now it feels like we are an even better team than ever before!

Theora has this fire that is a catalyst for transformation. Her presence is authentic and allows you to unfold. Her joyful excitement about life inspires you to dream bigger than before. She is wise, patient, and exudes a sense of abundance and optimism. She is clearly following her life’s calling and her mission is to support people around her in doing the same for themselves! I recommend her coaching brilliance wholeheartedly.

Update: Sarah and Chris got married in October 2019 surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful ceremony held in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.”

- Sarah 's Story -

“I was single for 2 years before starting to work with Theora. I was so tired of being with emotionally unavailable men who were not ready for a committed partnership. Honestly, I couldn’t understand why I was attracting what seemed like the same person with a different name. I had created a life and business I loved, yet was settling in my love life.

Taking that much needed break was vital in deepening my relationship with myself. Once I felt ready to date again, I connected with Theora to support me in creating a healthy partnership, without any games. Once we started working together, I could see the reason I was finding myself with the same type of partner; I saw how my own lack of clarity of what I wanted contributed to unfulfilled relationships (among other things).

After becoming clear and what new ways of being would attract that, I was able to see that person was right in front of me all along.

A brain cancer diagnosis brought my ex-husband back into my life. For 8 years, I saw him as just a friend. Once I became clear on what I wanted, I was able to realize that he is the person I’ve unknowingly described. We have both grown, healed, and transformed in our own unique ways and now we’re building a new relationship based on mutual core beliefs.

If it wasn’t for Theora’s support, I may not have seen him for the amazing man that he is. I may not have seen the role I played in my past relationships to identify my contribution and learned the lessons.

Thank you Theora!

I’m glad I self-quarantined myself from dating for 2 years and then reached for support. Now I have the best #quarantineboo”

- Ania's Story -

“Hey Theora I just want to say thanks again, and to really let you know the impact your salon has on me finding my man. I don’t think I’ve really made it clear the difference that day made…

Before the salon I was on the path. And looking back I would even say I was 90% doing all the things that would help call him in.

But then I went to your salon, and not only did I listen, but I raised my hand, I participated, and I was willing to be coached about where I might be missing something.

I left the salon, and updated my profile.

I got to 100% because of that salon.

And guess what…

The next day I matched with my man. Within hours of landing in his arms we were talking about kids and marriage, without fear of scaring each other off.

Within 3 days he was saying I love you…

It’s been 5 months now, and we’re heading out on a 9 day vacation soon.

Thank you. I probably could have found a man going in 90%. But how long would that have taken?

Your salon took me to 100%.
And 100% got me to him in less than 24hrs.

- Alex's Story -

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