When you are a busy woman, running a company, traveling regularly, overseeing your badass life like the CEO you are… “putting yourself out there” can feel like a waste of time because the current dating scene feels like an abyss of lame ducks.

Does “putting yourself out there” feel like a chore sometimes?

Because you definitely don’t have time to waste on an app. No thank you!

And what else is there these days?

So, you put it out of your mind for later, and get back to your meeting with your EA about what’s next this month.

And your life IS friggin’ great.

You’re not sitting around twiddling your thumbs pining desperately after a man.

You’re not that kind of woman.

You’re kicking ass and taking names!

In fact, your biz just had it’s biggest cash month YET!

So you pull out your phone and you text your best friend and she sends you a Beyonce gif and you treat yourself to a little shopping spree on Amazon.


Let me ask you this though…

What if there was ALSO an incredible, impressive man in your life?

A man you could share your epic win with, who texts you back something like…

“I’m taking you out to celebrate! Saturday night. Be ready by 6 and wear that black number you look so stunning in!”

He happens to be traveling for business right now but the next day flowers are delivered and the card reads…

“I love seeing you slay!
Can’t wait to spoil you Saturday.
I love you.”

Wouldn’t that be a little more fun than being great at being single?

How would it feel to have an impressive, high-integrity, romantic, attractive, strong man adore and admire you and be all-in on sharing life with you?

You totally “do single so well”, but is that what you REALLY want?

Your business is your most convenient and rewarding place to hide when you don’t like the results in your love life.

Avoiding dating is easy when you’re successful because you have so much to do and all your entrepreneur friends “get it”.

Everyone around you thinks your killing it, because you are!

And yet, there are still those moments of wondering why you don’t have the person you want to share it with by your side.

I see a woman who would become even more expressed, even more fulfilled, even more enlivened if she gave herself permission to put some impactful time and attention on an area of life that doesn’t actually look the way she wants it to.

If you are a CEO, you can’t date like everyone else.

And you can’t avoid it altogether either.

You need a fun, exciting, romantic approach that gets real results and makes you feel like the Queen you are.

And that is exactly what I help my clients do.

So far 90% of them meet their man within 6 months or less.

And my Legendary client have a 100% success rate creating relationships better than they could have imagined. Yes. 100%.

And trust me, you are not going to be the first one to break my track record.

So, can I help you?

Will you take a chance on your own partnership?

On your dream for life-expanding (and profit-amplifying) love?!

Are you ready for a great man to sweep you off your feet? 

Or do you really prefer to keep waiting? 

If now feels a lot more exciting, shoot me an email with a subject line that says “King Please!” and we’ll talk about your love life for a little bit. If you want to make this happen this year, the first session is on me!