While you have built an extraordinary life and you know you are a badass, every now and then, the absence of your person gets to you.

It’s not too often.
But when it does, it feels heavy.
You feel his absence.

And in a world where the popular messaging is about 

  • Not needing anybody, because you got this!
  • Being a strong, independent woman
  • Being a total badass who built herself and her immense success from the ground up

We can feel shame when that ache for our person arises. 
I’m here to tell you that you are still all those things! Even if you notice the absence of your man!

Strong. Independent. Amazing. Successful. Full throttle.

AND you still get to want a relationship.

And not just any relationship.
You get to have a relationship that defies the odds and really rocks your world.

Even though you believe in yourself and you know you deserve what you want, you are not impervious to the rolodex of doubts that elbow their way into your brain when you are going to bed alone. 


This reminder that he isn’t here show up at some pretty weird times.

Maybe you just enjoyed an incredible win in your business.
Or you just celebrated a meaningful holiday with your family.
Or you just booked tickets for that trip you’ve always wanted.
Or your friend just told you about the new man she’s seeing and he sounds really awesome.

“Does he exist?”
“Are there really men who still believe in romance?”
“Why don’t they ever choose me?”
“What’s wrong with me?”
“Why does everybody else seem to have this figured out except me?”
“Why am I such a fucking rockstar in every other area of my life but not this one?!”

Honestly it can be flat out painful.
Sometimes the feelings are oceanic and they wash over you.
Like, why am I crying?!

It can feel like…
Desperation, Despair, Pointlessness, Grief, Exhaustion, Sadness, Disappointment, Neediness, Annoyance with yourself…
OR all of the above to varying degrees!

But you’re not desperate.
That’s not what is happening here.

What’s happening is that culturally you were counseled to ignore love, because that’s how it was going to find you.

And so you did.

Instead, you poured your energy into your business, your health, your travels, your adventures, your friends… because you trusted that love would find you when it was time.

But ignoring something has the opposite effect of making your dream relationship fall into your lap.
Starving something of attention is the fastest way to kill it off.
Neglecting something, or only tending to it in minimal ways, is NOT how you make something thrive.

This sadness, this ache, that gets stronger the deeper you go is actually a WAKE UP CALL!

It is your body and soul trying to cut through your avoidant coping mechanisms to get your attention.
It is trying to get you to look at it.
To see the very real desire there.
To see that that love is for you.
That love is something that will create a kind of fulfillment that you deeply yearn for and crave.

That missingness is your soul begging you to do for love what you’ve done for every other area of your life.

It is begging you to tend to it. 

Are you ready to answer the call?!

If you are, then just follow the link below to book your Love Activation call. Instead of ignoring it and waiting longer, I want to offer you a proven, intelligent approach to calling in your king. 

On the call, we’ll start to alleviate some of the heaviness that comes from internalizing bad dating advice and still being single because of it, and we’ll put you on a new path to calling in the love of your life this year. 

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