“I’m open to meeting my soulmate. But if it’s not the right person… I have a great time on my own.”

ALARM BELLS: You are NOT open to meeting your soulmate and this is how I know.

Let’s say your soul mate is sitting across from, you’ve been introduced by a friend of a friend. You don’t know you are soulmates yet because you just met. The conversation is moving along swimmingly. Then the question arises “So, what are you looking for?”

Now if he is your Soul King does he say: 
“I’m open to meeting my soul mate. But if it’s not the right person… I have a great time on my own.”?

Or does he say something more along the lines of:

“I’ve done a lot of work on myself and I am ready to be with a women who inspires me with her majesty and power. Who is passionate about doing good in the world and who I feel lucky to create a life with. Who inspires me to be a better man and who I relish loving with depth and devotion.”?

Nice guy Number 36 might lead with Door #1.
But your Soul King is DEFINITELY the kind of man who stands behind Door #2. 
How do I know this?

Because you want an epic man and an epic partnership. 
You don’t just want someone to share dinner with. 
You don’t just want a boyfriend. 
You’d rather be alone than settle for someone who isn’t a good match ever again! 

So now reverse the roles, if you say something vague (and protective) like “I’m happy single but I’d be open to the right guy.” What makes you think that your courageous, powerful, grounded Soul King is going to be able to, let alone want to, weather your defenses in the offhand chance that you are SECRETLY ready and at his level underneath all the layers of protection? 

If you’re protecting yourself, you’ve got a barbed wire fence and a moat full of crocodiles set up around the fortress of your heart and you’re so used to it that you can’t see why a self-loving man would be deterred. 

But he WILL be deterred.
Because a King knows his worth and is seeking a woman who is owning hers.
He doesn’t want to wage war with you. 
He wants to love you.

The truth is, if you are hedging your bets and “playing it cool”, you are NOT showing up at his level yet and THAT is why he hasn’t shown up in your life. 

Your King is looking for a Queen. 
A woman who has done her work, who is tapped into her heart, who has claimed her own desire, and will settle for nothing less. That is a woman he can create a legacy beside. 

You are multi-faceted, complex, passionate, smart, tough, soft, kind, fierce, fun, and everything in between. 
You are such a majestic creature with such an incredible spectrum of flavors of being!!

You are not looking for someone to just keep the loneliness at bay, you are looking for a partner who ignites your soul and co-creates magic with you.
You want something that the status quo has tricked you into believing doesn’t exist.
It DOES exist but the gateway to get there is showing up in a way that no one has modeled for you yet.

But lucky for you, I am here to share the Secret Handshake. 
Here it is. 
So listen up!!

You MUST choose to give yourself permission to WANT it. 
And then to OWN. IT. OUT. LOUD.

This is step one in changing the trajectory of your love life.
Not owning it out loud will keep you on the path you are currently on which has manifested a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot of mismatches.
And if you’re still reading, I know that you don’t want more of the same.

Your old habits will SYSTEMATICALLY hold you back from your dreams.
So will you choose the New Path?
Or will you choose comfort over courage?


If you are SOOOO READY for the new path, the one that leads to epic love and partnership, shoot me an email with the subject line “I’m ready for the New Path!”, and I will help you blow up your blindspots (aka the things sabotaging your ability to have the relationship you want) in 60-minutes or less!