When you decide to become an entrepreneur who works from home, a LOT of your social interaction disappears.

For me, I would go days without seeing other humans IRL. 

Sometimes I went to the grocery store simply to have another homosapien to joke around with.

Yes, I was interacting with people online and over the phone, but it’s not the same as being in someone’s physical presence.

And then I started to get a little weird. 
The best way I know how to describe it is that I started to feel a little crazy.
I would feel foggy and end up in rooms not knowing why I was there or what I was looking for.

One morning I was wondering if maybe this whole entrepreneur gig wasn’t really my thing, when it hit me.

“Holy shit!” I thought. “I’m an extrovert!”

And suddenly the “crazy” I was starting to feel made sense. 

Extroverts recharge their energy around other people. 
We need social time in order to recharge our batteries.

So I reached out to two of my friends and asked if we could have a standing dinner on Wednesday evenings so that I knew I had at least one, high-quality social experience on my calendar each week.

They each said yes!

While I simply needed some face-to-face time with friends for my mental well-being, I never could have anticipated the role this weekly dinner would play in all three of our lives.

We got together almost every single Wednesday for an entire year.

Our friendships deepened and we began to call each other framily.

Their husbands* are now good friends. 
(*AND YES I HELPED THOSE MARRIAGES HAPPEN, having a bestie who is a dating expert has it’s perks!)

We exchanged podcasts and debated different movies.

We laughed often and held game nights.

We cried about disappointments with family, relationships, and work.

We dreamed up new business ideas and career opportunities.

We spoke truth into each other’s lives and talked deep into the night.

And now one of us has a baby and we are watching her foray into motherhood.

It’s wild.

“The quality of our lives is in direction proportion to the quality of our relationships.” – Tony Robbins

Epic love doesn’t exist in a vacuum. 
Surrounding yourself with soul family is just one of the many ways you can improve the odds of calling in your Soul King quickly. 
And if you don’t have a soul fam yet, it’s time you got yourself one.

And I’d love for you to join mine.

If that sounds lovely to you, just pop over to Modern Love, answer a couple questions, and I’ll see you in there!