Herpes. Let’s talk about it.

The reality of herpes is that it isn’t that big of a deal. The most painful aspect of having herpes is the stigma that comes with it. I had started seeing someone that was absolutely wonderful. We were both falling hard. Maybe the most natural, free love I had experienced since my first love in […]

NSFW – Three Lessons I learned from Dan Savage: Lesson 3 of 3

I’m actually a pretty big fan of cancel culture because at its heart it’s about holding people accountable for their actions, and I get pretty hot and bothered about accountability!!!​ That said, it’s never as black and white as all that, and for many instances we still need there to be roads to redemption for […]

NSFW – Three Lessons I learned from Dan Savage: Lesson 2 of 3

The next salient lesson I learned at Dan Savage’s book launch event, came nested under the assertion that gay men are better at sex (and have way more of it) than straight people. ​ So, let’s talk about why gay men have better, more frequent sex, than straight people. ​ In explaining what he meant by […]

NSFW – Three Lessons I learned from Dan Savage: Lesson 1 of 3

On a recent Saturday afternoon I went to a book signing at Mississippi Studios here in Portland, OR.​ It was for Dan Savage’s new book, Savage Love A to Z.​ Aside from the fact that it felt friggin’ incredible to be at a mentally stimulating, anecdotal lecture in a theater full of people for the […]

If things have been hard lately, I think this story is for you…

“My privilege is showing.” She said, dismissing how harrowing and destabilized the last 4 years have been for her and her family. I was speaking with my lifelong best friend who I can tell is still sort of holding it together, but she was having trouble just acknowledging what’s true for her about how hard things are […]

What if “guilty pleasures” are essential to our well being?

The other morning I was walking Arlo. The air was crisp and the sunlight just barely kissed my cheeks with warmth. The leaves are well into their autumnal shapeshifting – golden yellows, fiery reds, and sunset oranges decorating the neighborhood with their splashes of color. It’s one of my favorite times of year. Because for […]

I’ve been gaining weight lately…

At first I could hear the regular rolodex of thoughts murmuring in the background. “I should start working out again.”“Why can’t I just get myself to do a yoga class at home?”“I’m eating so much.”“Who would be attracted to me when I’m not in shape.” I felt like I was losing the strong, thinner body […]

The Measure of a Robust Relationship is Determined During the Breakdown

Why break down in relationship is inevitable and how to alchemize it into the stepping stones that create deep, powerful connection between you and the ones you love… Let’s Talk About Emotional Gridlock!!– Break Down in Relationship is an Integral Ingredient of Relational Growth/Evolution Emotional gridlock is a fundamental factor in long term partnerships. It […]

You Are Also Built This Way… You’ll Become ‘Okay’ Again

I’m not afraid to get my heartbroken. A few years ago I was meditating after having been dumped by a guy I thought was falling in love with me. I thought I was in love with him. Because I had convinced myself we were perfect for each other. Feeling the deep ache that comes with […]

Divorce is NOT just a break-up.

Divorce is NOT just a break-up. If you or someone you know is experiencing this, please keep reading. It’s not just a break-up. It’s the loss of a life and gets to be grieved as such. It’s also the loss of friendship. It’s the loss of family. It’s the loss of everything that was and […]