Truly Chosen is an international dating and relationship consulting agency that works with executives, entrepreneurs, professional leaders, and public figures who have built extraordinary success in their personal lives and whose professional work is dedicated to profoundly impacting humanity and the planet. Yet there is one area of their life that feels unfulfilled – romantic love. If you’re single,  we help you find and attract the right partner so that you can at last enjoy a relationship that is truly as extraordinary as the rest of your life. If you’re partnered, we support you to cultivate a healthy, fulfilling, lasting partnership where you get to reignite the spark and fall in love over and over again. We do so through our luxurious, intimate, high-level events, programs, and private experiences.

At Truly Chosen we do not believe that extraordinary love and partnership are reserved for the lucky few. We believe that anyone is capable of creating an extraordinary love story, IF they are willing to depart from the status quo to do what it takes to create what they want.

Company Values

Innovative Leadership 

We do things differently and take pride in challenging and disrupting the status quo in favor of more sophisticated and evolved ways of leading and loving.


We explore and celebrate radical self-expression as our birthright and believe that it is an integral ingredient in powerful partnership.


We are committed to creating diverse, inclusive spaces for our community to thrive, grow, and evolve.


We believe that partnership is the ultimate spiritual playground and that when we devote ourselves to serving love with another, we become greater than the sum of our parts.

It’s gotta be fun!

We believe that if it’s not fun, we’re doing it wrong! We place a high value on adventure, playfulness, and creating meaningful memories through epic experiences.

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